Famous Oil Painting Reproductions

3 Important Things You Should Know About Famous Oil Painting Reproductions

Whether you are an art connoisseur or just an individual who would like to add a touch of elegance to their home décor, famous oil painting reproductions may be just the thing for you. Many individuals throughout the years have admired the work of the masters: Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt and Picasso, but outside of visiting the most exclusive museums in the world have no way of truly taking in these breath taking pieces of artwork. However, this leads us to the next best thing. A well done reproduction can still bring just the touch of elegance to your living room or dining space that you’re looking for allowing you to admire these masterpieces in the comfort of your own home. If this is something that may be of interest to you, then here are some of the basics of locating and purchasing the appropriate reproduction to fit your style and needs.

Oil Painting Reproductions

Reproduced oil paintings allow the average consumer to create their own collection of revered masterpieces. Imagine your own personal collection, from your favorite artist hanging on your bedroom, living room or family room walls. By having skilled artist reproduce pieces an individual can have just that. Most people would agree, that although an oil painting reproduction may not match the original exactly, that the depth and artistry achieved in the reproduced piece is a great way to go, and is in itself, its own artistic endeavor.

Reproduction versus Counterfeiting

As an individual ventures into the world of artwork reproduction they should first make themselves familiar with laws on copyright infringement and reproduction rights. When dealing in artwork reproduction it’s very important that you always respect the rights of the artists and make sure to never pass a reproduced piece in a manner where it may be confused with an original. As an artist, you have the right to control where your work is shown. Any showing of your work without consent may be grounds for legal action. However, always recognize that if an individual is utilizing your work, but not making a profit from its use, that they may be doing you a favor. The more exposure you receive, especially as a young artist, the better the chance you’ll make an actual sale, so be sure not to harass a fan who is truly just trying to share your work with the world.

Famous Forgeries or Counterfeits

Throughout history there have been several well known forgeries passed around the art world. Often prompted by a scorned artists, who is out to prove to the world that they were in fact good enough to be recognized.

Mark Landis managed to pass over 100 self-made counterfeit pieces of artwork to different museums across 20 US states. Although Mark never received compensation for his “donations” to museums, he still made a splash in the art world by pulling off such an amazing feat.

The well-known Michelangelo creator of the Sistine Chapel actually began his career by passing off an early sculpture called “Sleeping Eros” as in ancient Roman piece, in order to receive a better price.

Sometimes forgery is less about reproducing a piece in existence, and more about convincing someone that you possess an undiscovered original. In the 18th century William Sykes accomplish just this, after convincing the Duke of Devonshire that he possessed a portrait created by Jan van Eyck, whose work at the time often drew top dollar at auctions.

John Myatt traded counterfeits and forgeries whose effects may still be felt even today. After forging work by Chagall Giacometti and others, Myatt along with the assistance of his dealer John Drewe passed off these reproductions as originals into the art world. After being caught and helping to identify 60 of the counterfeits, John acknowledged there that there are still approximately 140 that remain in circulation.

With a little reading and brushing up on your art background, you too, will soon be well-positioned to purchase oil painting reproductions that are sure to enrich your home and become the centerpiece of many a conversation for you and your guests. But in the end, recognize that it’s probably much less expensive than you may think to purchase quality oil painting reproduction. So don’t delay, begin you journey into the world of reproduced oil paintings today.


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